August 05, 2003

SourceForge is a godsend

I've always been impressed by the resources SourceForge offers and I thought this years contest would be a great chance to try them out. My project was quickly approved on Monday and I've spent the majority of my time the last several days becoming oriented with the system. The online documentation has been a huge help, although it's a little difficult to find exactly what you want.

One of the first things I did was take a look at the shell server. It runs on Linux so if you're used to the Mac OS X terminal, you should feel right at home. It didn't take long to SSH in and take a look around my project directory. I decided to use MovableType for content management. I already use it for my personal blog and it seemed a lot easier than creating all the html by hand. I ran into a little trouble during the installation, because SourceForge wont let you make the htdocs folder world writable. After a few hours uselessly reading up on .htaccess files to customize Apache's default directory, I almost gave up. As a last resort I checked out the MovableType message board. On the last page I found a poster that had the exact same problem as me. A helpful person pointed to the troubleshooting page that explained how to turn off temp files. This solved the problem and I was ready to go. I've been working on editing the style sheet and templates, but it's been slow since I'm such a poor web designer.

Now that I've gotten the website setup, the next step is to learn cvs. The first project I'm working on is a Pong clone using OpenGL and GLUT. I've been having some trouble getting the 2D perspective and controls to work correctly and could use some help. I'll be posting what I've done so far as soon as my iBook gets back from being repaired. Once it's up, take a look. And remember that comments are enabled. Leave your thoughts.

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I'm still getting things setup, so bookmark this page and watch for updates. I haven't been idle all summer so my first log entry tonight will give you some background on myself and what I've been up to preparing for the contest.

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